Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

14 going on 30

Today I had the pleasure of shooting one spunky little girl by the name of Lexi. When her Mom contacted me to get new headshots for her daughter, I don't know why but I just pictured her daughter being this little child actor around 6 or 7, maybe even 8 years old. Boy, was I wrong. When Lexi showed up, I was a little shocked to see a 14 year old at my front door. But not only that, a 14 year old with the mentality of a 30 year old. To say the least, the shoot was great and I think the shot she choose looks wonderful. Thanks ladies! And best of luck Lexi.

You Can't Honestly Tell Me She Looks 14.

OK, maybe here she does.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here's a little punch of power. Caitlin Smith, a local DC actress, was fantastic to shoot. After a little work, we found her look. You look great Caitlin! Thanks.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Whatever Eric Wants, Eric "Goetz"

Wow! That was a lame Lethal Weapon 2 reference. But it's true, as Team leader and biking extraordinarie, Eric came to me last fall expressing interest in doing a race across the country, called RAAM (Race Across America). He was looking for a 4 person team to bike all 3,008 miles of the journey and needed someone there to crew and take pictures. So naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

You might remember Bill from the "Lads of the Lansburgh" Calendar back in 2006 looking all posed and refreshed with a martini in hand, but now he's back for a headshot. Working for a cell phone company might keep one busy, but it's that kind of busy that gives Bill the opportunity to speak in Las Vegas next week. Oops! Someone needs a headshot. With a last minute call, we scheduled Bill for a quick session and off he went. But not without having a little fun. Good luck out there Bill! (I still think he should have gone with this first shot.)

Clowning Around

Three Bills A Laughing

OK, I guess this looks professional too.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Calm, Collected Carol

When people speak of good souls and kind hearts, they must have met Carol McCaffrey. A long time LA girl, you'd think this woman who now resides on the East coast would be hardened and cynical about life. Not Carol. She's a sweetheart, with a great smile and good taste in music. Someone needs to hire her!



"Calmer" Carol
"Who Cares" Carol

Can't come up with a Clever Title for this one

OK, so I wouldn't be a good editor for a newspaper with a title like that, but if you can come up with something better, throw it in the comment section and if I like it---I'll rename this post. Here's Jen, a non stop laughing machine with a little bit of bad ass rock n' roll in her. For someone who hates getting their picture taken, I think she did awesome!

Laughing Bad Ass

Just Plain Bad Ass

OK, I'll do the "Sweet" Bad Ass look too.

"OK, for real this time" Bad Ass

"I'm too Cool for this" Bad Ass

"If you don't stop taking my picture, I'm gonna kill you" Bad Ass

Finally, A Collection of Bad Asses

Saturday, March 1, 2008

"What did you do Ray?"

In a long line of headshot sessions that have been geared to raise money for Team Xtreme4, none have included a Dad bringing his two little girls along for the ride. Well, today that streak ended. Normally, you would think the extra distraction would cause a problem, but it never did due to my cleverly, never seen before tactics of occupying children......I put on a movie for them. And can you believe they've never seen GHOSTBUSTERS before. How is that possible? It's brilliant. So needless to say, the shoot went smashing with a little help from Bill Murray making Gary laugh the whole time. KEY TO A GOOD SHOOT: Just put on a great well known comedy in the other room and wait for the punch line. I think Gary may have had too much fun. And here's a tidbit, Gary's a Jeopardy Champion! Crazy! I love meeting new people.

Alex, What is my new headshot?

Are these girls cute or what?

Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria!

Carol...with an "e"

When I first announced my fundraising effort for the endurance cycling squad Team Xtreme4, there were several calls and e-mails coming from every direction from all sorts of artists seeking new headshots, but it was Carole who called first. Thanks for being the guinea pig Carole!

The blue looks beautiful with her red hair.

You never seem to go wrong with red.

The Beautiful Carole

The Dramatic Carole

It's so easy to catch the light with those big, wonderful eyes.

I just love the negative space in this shot.

And finally, the Real Carole.