Thursday, August 21, 2008

Praem these turn out OK.

So what do you get when you cross an Indian with a Jersey girl? You get one hell of a smart kid, who went to John Hopkins and is now in the business...of being an actor. Don't ask me how, but Praem wants to shine on stage. Why not engineering? Why not chemistry? Because they don't give you that sense or thrill of the moment. (I can relate-I was gonna go to law school, but here I am--an actor and photographer.) Well, I have a feeling coming from an intelligent clan and living on the north end of Baltimore won't keep Praem down for long--look for Praem to come to a theatre near you very soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How many Kellys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One to screw in the light bulb and 70+ more to tell him who cares, we've still got beer. In what has become a bi-annual tradition, the Kelly family threw another successful reunion back in Butler, PA this year with more Kellys than ever before. With a golf tournament on Friday, picnic and egg toss competition on Saturday culminating in a Sunday mid-morning farewell, Kelly family members young and old gathered once again to relive old memories and rehash old arguments. All in all, it was a great time. And yes, I too am a Kelly--see if you can find me in the pictures. (And yes, I took all these pictures too.)

It's like "Where's Waldo?" only with a Kelly and much, much easier.

Ryan's Impersonation of Cookie Monster?

What's a family reunion without picnic games? Bean bag toss...classic.

Where's KIP?

HINT: This is my immediate family.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Charlie Mitchell's War...on NYC!

You lose your job when you don't get tenure, you make a move to New York, your wife supports the decision, you have a meeting with an agent the first week you get there, you get the agent, and now you need new headshots. Wait, I mean a headshot. When your headshot is circa 1980's, there's a problem, a problem that needs to be solved quick. After putting off getting desperately needed new headshots, Mr. Mitchell could no longer wait. So here we are deciding which ones the best. Help Charlie out and win a prize. (Not really, but you can still comment and say which one you think is the best).

Sunday, August 10, 2008


There are events and there are races, and then there are epic rides. One day, one ride, 200 miles. Now in its 3rd year, Total 200 has grown each year attracting some of the craziest and most thrill seeking cyclists in the Metropolitan DC area. Starting at dawn and not ending 'til dusk (there's a few exceptions here), 40+ cyclists left Capitol Hill early July 12th traveling 100 miles down to the southern tip of Maryland (Outlook Point Park), had lunch, and turned right back around and came home. It was hot, it was sunny and it was difficult. Some made it home triumphantly, some made it home hobbling and some did not make it. For most, it was the long anyone had cycled in one day, but everyone had fun--amazing as that sounds. And next year, we're looking to make it even bigger and better. One tip: Start training now.

Early Morning Logistics

Getting Ready to Go

T200 Bike Jerseys

One of 4 Rest/Aid Stations

Our Awesome Volunteers!

Ol' Blue Eyes

Well, the Kelly Family Reunion was looming and I was due to shoot Melissa little boy Henry when I got back--but having never photographed a baby before, I figured I needed some practice. Enter Emmett Kelly Fishwild, my sister's new-born and my godson. Luckily Emmett would be at the family reunion in Pennsylvania. So open the drapes of the hotel room and start clicking. Here's what we got.

He always has his tongue out these days.

Baby Feet

Tongue Alert!

The Adventures of Flying Emmett and his Tongue.

Oh Henry!

When do you feel old? Or rather when do start to feel "older?" Better yet, when do you feel you've missed the on-ramp? Well, you start to feel old when the women in Playboy that you gawked and drooled over are now younger than you. You're definitely getting up in years when you notice a considerable amount of change in your pocket. But you feel like you passed the on-ramp when everyone around is married and having kids. The only benefit to it all is I get to shoot the kids and the weddings. Recently a friend of mine and my former Spin Class Instructor, Melissa had her first child Henry. And boy is he cute! I present 5 week old Henry.

Henry and his Mom.

Henry worked so hard to raise his head.

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game.."

As mid-westerners, you're generally regarded as two things: 1) You're a Meat and Potatoes kind of guy and 2) You enjoy your sports. Well the former may not be true, but latter certainly is. So, on our way to the bi-annual family reunion the family (Mom, Dad, Kevin and myself) headed off to PNC Park in downtown Pittsburgh for a night game against the Padres. The park is simply amazing. With a beautiful skyline, intimate seating and an all around embracement of the fact that they are the "Pirates" -- in my opinion, PNC Park provides the ambiance of a minor league ball park with big league teams and ranks up there as one of the best parks in the country. If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself. Oh, and tickets aren't too expensive either...bonus!
PNC Park Entrance - Home Plate Gate

Pirate legend - HONUS WAGNER

View from the left field as you walk on the ramp to your seats.

Great Skyline view of downtown Pittsburgh.
(They close that bridge on game days so people can walk across--how cool is that?)

Great scoreboard.

Clouds looming over PNC Park.