Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brian & Malia:::MARRIED!!!

"Ah, San Diego. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago." But today, it meant that Brian and Malia were getting married. Brian and I met a couple of years ago thru our mutual friend Mr. Chad Lewis and became better acquainted for Chad's Bachelor Beer Run Party. Seeing that all of us were triathletes and marathoners, someone thought that the idea of bar hopping and drinking beer was a good idea. So clearly, if we ran between every bar ( and I mean "run" not "jogging") that would make this good idea even better. When we arrived back at Chad's for more drinking and a BBQ, we were in rare form. Our next encounter came up in Massachusetts at the Bucksteep Manor last May when I was shooting Chad & Kirsten's Wedding. Apparently, Brian was so enamored with the photography that he just had to hire me. (That's not exactly true, but that's what I'm telling myself) However it happened, I'm grateful Brian gave me a call.

Brian & Malia. One went to school in San Diego, the other at the school I despise the most...the University of Michigan, and despite that gigantic shortcoming, Malia looked stunning yesterday. Armed with the trimmed version of the original veil her Mother wore on her wedding night and even her original garder belt (she didn't not wear that one...from what I understand, she forgot to wear it) Malia was glowing. It's not hard when your wedding is on the beach!!! Yey!!! Sand, sun, wedding, cake and booze. What more could you ask for? NO RAIN??? You've got it. Throw in an acapella song sung by the groom's old singing group and a couple of the most energetic kids I've ever seen, and you have an remarkable and unforgettable event...Brian and Malia's wedding.

Congratulations you two. Enjoy your honeymoon in Australia and enjoy your new life together. I'm very happy to have been a part. Cheers.

They attempted to hang the sign by taping it up, but it didn't work. I think it has more charm this way.

This was a great idea. No bridesmaid dresses, no tuxedos. Just a swatch for a paint store and instructions: "But a shirt of dress in this color scheme." Practical. And if there's one thing about Brian and Malia, Brian will tell you, it's that they are both pratical.

Beach, beach, beach. I love the beach.

The girls.

Not my favorite shot, but a very close 2nd.

This would be my favorite shot. In order to make sure the ring bearers didn't lose the rings, they were safety pinned to the turtles. Cute.

Here's a tip for all you soon to be newlyweds. Allow time for photos before the wedding. It will allow you to get to the reception much sooner to be with your friends who have traveled such a long way to be with you and it also provides photography insurance. Insurance from the unrelenting weather. At 3 o'clock we had unbelievable blue skies and great light. At 5 o'clock that light and sky were gone. The clouds rolled in and poof! Nothing. Had we not shot these pictures before the wedding, the outcome would have been much different. It's a safety net and a good one.

Ah, the In-Laws.

The more you shoot weddings, the more you yourself begin to create your own perfect wedding. And if you could only steal only thing from each wedding the one thing I would steal from Malia and Brian's wedding would be the sand. Not the beach sand, but the sand of unity. If you look carefully, each glass already holds two different colored sands---one for the Mom and one for the Dad. They then went up and poured each of them into the glass you see to represent their union together. Now, Malia and Brian get to take their parents sand and join them together in the jar that you now see before you.
Simple and sweet.

Tada! We're married!


I love the fact that these two were open and willing to try anything. Clown noses, that's just funny.

It is illegal to be on the lifeguard tower? YES. Did we get caught? YES. But did we still get the shot? You betcha.

And as our heroes travel off into the sunset...

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