Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chad & Kirsten::: MARRIED!

Well, no doubt, this post has been a long time coming, but when you're a triathlete, your wedding couple are triathletes and most of the guests are triathletes you know by now that most stuff doesn't really get accomplished until the off season. (Which incidentally is only about 3 1/2 weeks this year...Boston Marathon training begins January 1st.) So here we are, the off season and here is what I call one of the best weekends I experienced in 2008. A weekend getaway in the Berkshires, a bonfire, early morning training rides, a steep mountain run, a long hike, great food, good humor (not the ice cream) old friends...OH, and Chad & Kirsten got married. What more could you ask for?

Chad, Kirsten & I have known each other now for almost 2 years -- we met through the DC Triathlon Club. I had just started training for my first Ironman in AZ
(also my 1st triathlon) and most people thought that was a bit crazy. Well, it was, but somehow I think that's why Chad and I got along -- that, and our love for terrible jokes and obscure movie quotes. Needless to say, after endless trainer sessions in their living room, early morning runs and the occasional brunch at Tunnicliff's, it was only fit that they asked me to photograph their wedding. Well, I've never said this to them, but I was and am completley honored to have been asked. Chad & Kirsten, I consider you both my friends, and for what it's worth, two of the closest people I know since I left high school. You've graced me with the gift of being in your lives and now shooting your wedding, but I hope it's only a small part of what's to come as the two of you grow older together. Thanks. I love you guys.

Enough of the's some pictures. :-)

For those who were at the wedding know this sign all too well -- it greeted us on the entrance way to the Manor.

What a simple, beautiful dress.

Details, Details, Details

Though it rained the night before, the weather was great!

The Bucksteep Manor Grounds

Tying the Knot

Chad & Kirsten with Triathlete Folk

One of my favorite shots from the weekend.

I was playing with the fisheye lens and flash on this shot. It took awhile to get right, but the outcome, I think, is hilarious.

A Perfect Ending. :-)



  1. Dude, we TOTALLY dig the slide is awesome!!! We especially like the VERY last appropriate! ;)

  2. Kip - I CANNOT wait to see what you've put together for us! This video is awesome and what we've seen so far has been incredible. We're so glad you could join us for our wedding weekend and we hope you had a some fun too. You know what they say about all work and no play...
    But seriously can't wait to hear what Bucksteep thinks about your location shots. Gorgeous. Just like you. ;0

  3. Hi Kip,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you from the Emerys up here in icey New England.

    Pictures are terrific as we knew they would be...Is that your Christmas present to us? Oops, we did not get you anything this year, but a wish for good health and happiness!!!

    When are you coming for a visit to run/bike the Berkshire Hills or the Florida flats?

  4. No is our Honor ;) Are these what the books are? Those would be nice xmas presents ;) hahaha (aawwwwwkkkwwwaaarrrrddd) j/k of course!

  5. Kirsten, you got married! Congratulations! The pictures are just beautiful, you were so gorgeous! I'm glad we got in touch after so many years...

  6. Christine Sobiech PillarDecember 27, 2008 at 5:11 PM

    K-dog - LOVE the wedding pictures - Kip did an amazing job - WOW! so, are you enjoying your mom's cooking in Cheshire? Will you be heading to Michelle's place? maybe we can meet up!!!

  7. WOW...Kirsten your wedding pictures are amazing. Your friend did such a fabulous job capturing all the great memories from the weekend. It was a truly great time!

  8. woman, just saw your wedding pix... you are BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! what a romantic wedding, and what a couple.... love was in the air, definitely! congrats once again, we are so very happy for you... and we really look forward to seeing you guys in the spring!

  9. Your wedding photos are GREAT! It was worth the wait... there are some beautiful shots of you and Chad! It was an awesome weekend!

  10. I love the Chad & Kirsten wedding shots Kip ... they're beautiful. :o)

  11. Kirsten Emery LewisDecember 27, 2008 at 5:24 PM

    Kip - the pictures are freakin' awesome! We are good looking bunch! ;)

  12. This is what makes you a natural. And an artist.