Monday, December 21, 2009

A Wintery Wonderland Engagement

Last Friday night was probably one of the most memorable nights I can remember in recent past. Lunch at Teaism, Photo Safari at the National Portrait Gallery, dinner at Sonoma Wine Bar on Capitol Hill with 3 of the greatest wedding photographers and a surprise engagement in our restaurant!!! Are you kidding me? We just happen to show up at my favorite restaurant, I just happen to know the host who's working that night, she just happens to know I'm a photographer with 3 other wedding photographers in tow and she just happens to know the gentleman at table 31 is about to propose to his fiancee. Too perfect.

Enter Matt and Meg. Apparently, Matt lives in Richmond and Meg lives just across the Potomac and they had their first date a Sonoma awhile back. Well here they are again, at the very same table they had their first date all those months ago. And you don't believe in fate, you might not grasp what this moment meant to me. Not only did we have our cameras, but we also had two assistants (read: friends who aren't photographers), lighting equipment and the makings of the most picturesque evening imaginable.

So, what would you do? Well, if you said introduce yourself to the couple and offer them a free engagement session with 4 amazing photographers outside in the snow, you'd be right on the money. Taking a few liberties and intruding at the right moment, I went over and introduced myself to Matt and Meg, congratulated them both and proceeded to tell them our game plan for the evening. They were in shock and gave us a resounding thumbs up! We finished our dinner (Matt and Meg sent us a bottle of Prosecco to top the night off----thank you guys!) and proceeded into the night with a mission at hand: Make this night one the Matt and Meg will never forget. What ended up happening was they made a night for us that WE will never forget. Matt and Meg, thank you for sharing with us this moment, thank you for being so open to new things and thank you for being the picture of a couple that I one day will hopefully become a part of. :-)

Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

(Side note: If you're interested in the wonderful work Shawn, Sarah and Jessica created that night, check out their blogs. I always find it interesting to see what inspires other photographers when put in the same situation.)

Sarah Hodzic:

Jessica Del Vecchio:

Shawn Reeder:

Our lovely assistant Joe, took this photo of us all when we were done.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Jerseys of CLIMATE RIDE 2009

Whenever I photograph a bike ride or even when I participate in one, I'm always intrigued by the jerseys. Tons and tons of different jerseys. Some are funny, some are advertising, some are replicas of professional cycling teams and some even depict your favorite superhero. In any case, they are fascinating! The jersey is a badge of honor to most who wear them exclaiming from the rooftops of there accomplishments. It could be one's alma mater or another bike ride they finished, it could be a charity ride they helped raise money for or it could they state from which they ride. Whatever it is, they are an eye catching article of clothing which I deemed this year worthy enough of photographing. So here now I present to you the CYCLING JERSEYS of CLIMATE RIDE 2009. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I Ride

Friend and fellow media magician Liz Smith was on the road with us for Climate Ride 2009 and created this little video about the riders and their individual causes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brita Climate Ride 2009 - Day 5 (Leakin Park, MD to Washington, DC)

Day 5 (60 miles): This morning we’ll rise early and head straight for the heart of Washington DC. After several miles winding through Maryland, we will stop for lunch in Silver Spring, MD before hopping on the Capitol Crescent Trail, a popular rail-trail, created by the Rails to Trails Conservancy. We gather at the tail end of Constitution Avenue, and then begin our final leg to the Capitol, passing the Washington Monument and various museums which house our Nation’s treasures. We will congregate on the Senate Lawn, with the Capitol in the background, where we will make a statement about the need for climate change action and access to renewable energy.

It's the final day of Climate Ride 2009 and I'm already dreading being home. OK, maybe I get to watch GLEE (best show ever!...well, at least for this season) and maybe I'll shower a little more (or not), but what I'm most concerned about is the overwhelming void that has been filled by this ride. Everywhere you look you can't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and energy that these people create. The environment is their passion and it's intoxicating. Each individual, whether they are an expert in their field or an average joe who's just concerned about their children's future, has committed 5 days of their life to bike from NY to DC and also raise money (at least $2400) and awareness about the environment. The beneficiary? Focus the Nation, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Clear Air Cool Planet, you, me and the world.

If you're skeptical of riding with these folks, don't be. I can assure you it will be one of the most inspirational and momentous events in your life. And if you're from the West Coast, I'm pleased to announce Climate Ride now has a California tour that will begin next year in May. Please join us and change the world.

Until next time, ride on riders!

Look at the the good riders signaling. :-)

The title sponsor Brita always puts forth the best effort to promote this ride.


Fake tattoos were the hot thing this year.

Dad and Mom figuring the route out. Son? Well, he'll just go anywhere.

Michelle the nurse with out youngest rider this year......12 years old.

Our fast riders trying to keep up with the Danish Ambassador.

Coming thru Sligo Park.

Best socks ever. If you can't read it: "Climate Change Socks!" lol.

Vincent waiting to enter the Capital Crescent Trail...a beneficiary of Climate Ride.

Passing by the Watergate Hotel.

Onwards and upwards toward Capitol Hill.

Constitution Ave. has never seen so many cyclists.

More tatts.

Climate Ride veterans Jenny Nordstrom and Dave Wright.

Love it!

Focus the Nation Executive Director, Garett Brennan.
(Also a hell of a musician and singer of THE GREAT SALT LICKS)

Just in case I don't get everything.

Our fearless leaders: Blake Holiday Ride Director with Climate Ride Co-Founders Geraldine Carter and Caeli Quinn.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brita Climate Ride 2009 - Day 4 (Susquehanna River to Leakin Park in Baltimore, MD)

Day 4 (62 miles): We begin the day by pedaling across a long bridge crossing the mighty Susquehanna. The Susquehanna flows furiously in the springtime and is a mere trickle by mid-summer. After a few miles we enter Maryland and ride past beautifully manicured farms and stunning country estates. It’s hard to imagine that Washington DC is so close. This is the area that DC cyclists prize—the roads are quiet and curvy and the manicured countryside reflects the long history of the Mid-Atlantic region. Soon we enter the small towns that surround DC. The roads become busier and we realize that we are approaching our destination—Baltimore. Tonight we camp in a sprawling 300-acre city park on the edge of Baltimore called Leakin Park. The Outward Bound School, which calls Leakin Park home, has invited us to camp and use their facility.

After an amazing Day 3, Day 4 may have proved to be a let down in terms of photos, but with the new route after lunch, some inventive riders and a sense of play, Day 4 was an all-around fun filled day without the pressure of "getting every single person."

2nd best shot of the day.

Ah, the post card.

Love the fisheye lens.

No, I did not ask her to do this, it just happened.

The 1st hill of the day.

And yes, I've seen the shot he has of me taking this picture.


Best shot of the day by far.

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