Monday, December 21, 2009

A Wintery Wonderland Engagement

Last Friday night was probably one of the most memorable nights I can remember in recent past. Lunch at Teaism, Photo Safari at the National Portrait Gallery, dinner at Sonoma Wine Bar on Capitol Hill with 3 of the greatest wedding photographers and a surprise engagement in our restaurant!!! Are you kidding me? We just happen to show up at my favorite restaurant, I just happen to know the host who's working that night, she just happens to know I'm a photographer with 3 other wedding photographers in tow and she just happens to know the gentleman at table 31 is about to propose to his fiancee. Too perfect.

Enter Matt and Meg. Apparently, Matt lives in Richmond and Meg lives just across the Potomac and they had their first date a Sonoma awhile back. Well here they are again, at the very same table they had their first date all those months ago. And you don't believe in fate, you might not grasp what this moment meant to me. Not only did we have our cameras, but we also had two assistants (read: friends who aren't photographers), lighting equipment and the makings of the most picturesque evening imaginable.

So, what would you do? Well, if you said introduce yourself to the couple and offer them a free engagement session with 4 amazing photographers outside in the snow, you'd be right on the money. Taking a few liberties and intruding at the right moment, I went over and introduced myself to Matt and Meg, congratulated them both and proceeded to tell them our game plan for the evening. They were in shock and gave us a resounding thumbs up! We finished our dinner (Matt and Meg sent us a bottle of Prosecco to top the night off----thank you guys!) and proceeded into the night with a mission at hand: Make this night one the Matt and Meg will never forget. What ended up happening was they made a night for us that WE will never forget. Matt and Meg, thank you for sharing with us this moment, thank you for being so open to new things and thank you for being the picture of a couple that I one day will hopefully become a part of. :-)

Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

(Side note: If you're interested in the wonderful work Shawn, Sarah and Jessica created that night, check out their blogs. I always find it interesting to see what inspires other photographers when put in the same situation.)

Sarah Hodzic:

Jessica Del Vecchio:

Shawn Reeder:

Our lovely assistant Joe, took this photo of us all when we were done.

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  1. These are wonderful, Kip! I love seeing everyone's different take on the same adventure!

  2. Could not be more pleased that you suggested Sonoma for dinner!! That was quite amazing. Love the images, foot prints are my fave too!!!

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