Sunday, December 28, 2008

AHOY Matey! We need some Mastheads for our website!

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile or even my racing blog may remember Eric Goetz from Team Xtreme4 and the RAAM (Race Across America) this past summer. Well, we've been good friends for some time now (basically ever since I went on a bike ride with him in Feb. 2007 and got dropped in a heartbeat) and have been all over the country together, but some of the nicest times with him have been at his annual PIG ROAST every fall and the Puerto Lighthouse Cycling Tour this past January. Whether it be on the bike or on a run, through our love of competing and our passion to push ourselves Eric and I have trained through the rough DC winters doing long trainer rides in Chad & Kirsten's living room or swimming in the DC public swimming pools. Yet the longest we've ever spent together was his single day bike ride, the T200 (Total 200). And it was so much fun, we thought we would do it again, only this time, instead of 12 hours in the saddle, why not double it. Enter ENDURE 24. A 24 hour bike race pitting man against man in a grueling test of endurance. Whether you're a 2-person, 4-person or solo competitor, your fitness level will be tested, your stamina strained and your will power pushed. To be held October 3-4, 2009 in the little town of Poolesville, Maryland, Endure 24 teams up with Autism Speaks to bring you an endurance race that offers cyclists a challenge like no other. Spin, grind or mash your way around a 11 mile loop course for 24 hours. Amass the most miles and win great prizes as well as the satisfaction of besting some of the best and most determined cyclists around.

But first things first...a website to promote the event. And what does the website need? Pictures of the course. Specifically, pictures that can be used for mastheads on the website. If you don't know what a masthead is, it's either
  • another name for a banner in publishing.
  • or, the logo and common elements displayed at the top of each page of a website.
So, Eric "The Race Director/Web Designer" Goetz phones Kip "The Friend With A Camera" Pierson and before you know it we're in the car headed out to Poolesville Thanksgiving morning to capture the course. Here's what we found:

Oh, and if you're interested in competing in the race or would like to volunteer, please visit the race website.

Here's a few pictures of the course without any bikers on it.

Eric and I thought this sign was a little may have been the cold freezing our brain.
We didn't find it funny when almost an hour later we heard gun shots very near to us. Good thing Eric was wearing the orange jersey at the time. :)

My favorite shot of the day. Of course, the field might not be cut down yet next October.

If you're losing the race, you'll at least have some spectacular views to look at while you lose.

An 11 mile loop in Poolesville. Shouldn't be too hilly, right? RIGHT? Oh, shit!

Examples of how the pictures may be cropped for the website mastheads.

Eric may be making it look easy, but it was freezing cold that morning. He would stay in the car with the heat blasting until I set up the shot and then run out for a couple of pedal strokes until we got the shot, jump back in then do it all over again a few miles up the road. It was surprisingly exhausting.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jen & Steve: MARRIED!

Jen & I originally met at when we began working together at McCormick & Schmick's almost 4 years ago now and have a had a great time together each and every shift. From our contagious laughter at work to her nickname of Kipperdoodle for me, we've had literally years of memories together walking around a restaurant looking like a bunch of ice cream salesman. Nonetheless, through all of that, Jen still insisted I shoot her wedding. Why? I have no idea. I thought by now she would know about all of my antics all too well. :-)

Well, with a moment of desperation, Jen asked me to be at her wedding and I was more than happy to oblige. A winter wedding in downtown Lynchburg, VA with a little snowfall to boot, made for a wonderful and beautiful wedding. And an amazing hotel, The Craddock Terry Hotel. A former shoe factory, turned luxury hotel. What was once a turn-of-the-century shoe factory is now a residential-style boutique hotel blending the urban architecture of two landmark brick warehouses with the fashionable styling of a modern hotel. Paying homage to its origins, the d├ęcor is accented with historical artifacts from the heyday of the Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation, and guests enjoy shoe-themed amenities including complimentary shoeshine service. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend. I would also recommend stopping by Jen's parent's home too for some oysters and a few drinks. They Southern and their I really think their middle name is hospitality. I only wish I didn't have to leave right after the reception. Have fun on the honeymoon you two!

Jen had this gorgeous dress and a beautiful reception in her parent's home.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
Jen got dressed in a nursery.

Check out this bunch of Hooligans!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

Nothing like an old church.

They may be holding it together here, but you should have seen them at the rehearsal dinner.
The tears were flowing like Niagara Falls. :)

Red Velet Cake...umm...delicious!!!

I don't think I need to even caption this one. It speaks for itself.

And if you were wondering, yes, it was official.
(Though this may only be a souvenir.)


"I Had A Friend, A Friend Named Lee..."

Regina Lee that is and let's see if you can name the band who sings that lyric. (If you can, write it in the comment section.) Anyway, Regina Lee came to me through the use of this thing called the "internet." Apparently if you search under Headshot Photographers and DC you'll find me -- go figure. Well, shortly after checking my website out, Regina left a message for me and here's what transpired. A Mathematics major who graduated from James Madison University in '06 she's now working in the Real World, whatever that is, at Acuity Consulting, Inc. and apparently is part of the Mathematics & Statistics Club. Now she's trying to make it in the acting and modeling world through the help of Linda Townsend Management, but first things need headshots with a couple of different looks. Let her know what you think. Good luck Regina, I hope these help.

If you'd like to see more photos of Regina, click here.

Her GAP pose.

The Amazing thing is how different she can look. Very versatile.

Very Modelesque.

With the hair up, she looks so much older.

Hi! I'm Regina and I'm just hanging out.

Now who wants to be a face model?

Love it.

Behind the scenes.

It's too much! The stress! It's way too much!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chad & Kirsten::: MARRIED!

Well, no doubt, this post has been a long time coming, but when you're a triathlete, your wedding couple are triathletes and most of the guests are triathletes you know by now that most stuff doesn't really get accomplished until the off season. (Which incidentally is only about 3 1/2 weeks this year...Boston Marathon training begins January 1st.) So here we are, the off season and here is what I call one of the best weekends I experienced in 2008. A weekend getaway in the Berkshires, a bonfire, early morning training rides, a steep mountain run, a long hike, great food, good humor (not the ice cream) old friends...OH, and Chad & Kirsten got married. What more could you ask for?

Chad, Kirsten & I have known each other now for almost 2 years -- we met through the DC Triathlon Club. I had just started training for my first Ironman in AZ
(also my 1st triathlon) and most people thought that was a bit crazy. Well, it was, but somehow I think that's why Chad and I got along -- that, and our love for terrible jokes and obscure movie quotes. Needless to say, after endless trainer sessions in their living room, early morning runs and the occasional brunch at Tunnicliff's, it was only fit that they asked me to photograph their wedding. Well, I've never said this to them, but I was and am completley honored to have been asked. Chad & Kirsten, I consider you both my friends, and for what it's worth, two of the closest people I know since I left high school. You've graced me with the gift of being in your lives and now shooting your wedding, but I hope it's only a small part of what's to come as the two of you grow older together. Thanks. I love you guys.

Enough of the's some pictures. :-)

For those who were at the wedding know this sign all too well -- it greeted us on the entrance way to the Manor.

What a simple, beautiful dress.

Details, Details, Details

Though it rained the night before, the weather was great!

The Bucksteep Manor Grounds

Tying the Knot

Chad & Kirsten with Triathlete Folk

One of my favorite shots from the weekend.

I was playing with the fisheye lens and flash on this shot. It took awhile to get right, but the outcome, I think, is hilarious.

A Perfect Ending. :-)