Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well this wasn't a series of televised interviews, rather a series of shots. And the session didn't end with a tacit admission of guilt regarding her role in the Watergate scandal, but she did admit she was terrified to get her picture taken, does that count? Helen Nixon, an assistant principal by day (while watching her soaps) and an avid lover of theatre by night, Helen has three wonderful children and a wonderful husband who located me to take her new headshots. "New" is an operative word here, because when I asked to see her old headshot, she couldn't even find one...that's how long it's been. What you may not know about Helen, for those that already know her, she loves Skid Row. No, that was not a typo nor a joke...she really does. The last photo is proof enough of that. Maybe that should be the subject of a new movie by Ron Howard. Helen Nixon as Nixon in her Hollywood blockbuster movie Pierson/Nixon about her admission that she truly loves 80's Metal. Drama, no...Comedy, absolutely. :) Now without further adieu, all the way from Rockville, MD, put your hands together for the one, the only HELEN NIXON!

Hello new headshot.

When I first asked her to put the clown nose on, her reaction was amazing!
(see middle picture)

I told you she loved metal. Scary, right?

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