Saturday, December 27, 2008

"I Had A Friend, A Friend Named Lee..."

Regina Lee that is and let's see if you can name the band who sings that lyric. (If you can, write it in the comment section.) Anyway, Regina Lee came to me through the use of this thing called the "internet." Apparently if you search under Headshot Photographers and DC you'll find me -- go figure. Well, shortly after checking my website out, Regina left a message for me and here's what transpired. A Mathematics major who graduated from James Madison University in '06 she's now working in the Real World, whatever that is, at Acuity Consulting, Inc. and apparently is part of the Mathematics & Statistics Club. Now she's trying to make it in the acting and modeling world through the help of Linda Townsend Management, but first things need headshots with a couple of different looks. Let her know what you think. Good luck Regina, I hope these help.

If you'd like to see more photos of Regina, click here.

Her GAP pose.

The Amazing thing is how different she can look. Very versatile.

Very Modelesque.

With the hair up, she looks so much older.

Hi! I'm Regina and I'm just hanging out.

Now who wants to be a face model?

Love it.

Behind the scenes.

It's too much! The stress! It's way too much!


  1. Megan Jeanne KellyJanuary 5, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    your picture makes you look like you're in the matrix and they're about to give you the pills*

    *please note I dont remember much about the movie but I do know there was something about a blue pill and a red pill...hope you chose wisely.

  2. Wow. The headshots look great! I just got back from New Jersey but i'll be sure to email you tomorrow with the ones that I especially liked and would also like your feedback on the ones I pick. I'll also get some feedback from friends and family and let you know what they think.

    Hope you had a great holiday.

    P.S. I enjoyed reading your blog too :)

    Talk to you tomorrow,
    Your friend named Lee