Sunday, August 10, 2008


There are events and there are races, and then there are epic rides. One day, one ride, 200 miles. Now in its 3rd year, Total 200 has grown each year attracting some of the craziest and most thrill seeking cyclists in the Metropolitan DC area. Starting at dawn and not ending 'til dusk (there's a few exceptions here), 40+ cyclists left Capitol Hill early July 12th traveling 100 miles down to the southern tip of Maryland (Outlook Point Park), had lunch, and turned right back around and came home. It was hot, it was sunny and it was difficult. Some made it home triumphantly, some made it home hobbling and some did not make it. For most, it was the long anyone had cycled in one day, but everyone had fun--amazing as that sounds. And next year, we're looking to make it even bigger and better. One tip: Start training now.

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