Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michelle & Brendan:::MARRIED!!!

I can't quite recall how Michelle and I met...I think it may have been thru some mutual friends in the DC Tri Club, but I do remember spending a lovely holiday dinner years ago at Michelle's house and having a wonderful time. Ever since then, Ms. Michelle has been a constant voice in my blogging life. A comment here, a "Like" there, and in the end it meant one thing. Michelle became a big fan of my work for a long, long time and she always said I was her photographer should that day ever arise. Well, I was on tour with the Kennedy Center with NOBODY'S PERFECT when the call came. Actually, I think it was an email. It said, very simply, "Guess who's off the market?" Also implying, "I guess I need a photographer." :-)

The day and the weekend were great. We were on a secluded property in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the Crimora Mine Retreat. Crimora Mine Retreat is this luxurious log home built a couple of years ago. The private cabin is located on 150 acres of woodland in the Blue Ridge Mountains and being bordered by the Shenandoah National Park and a few miles from the Appalachian Trail, it provides the perfect place for a getaway with family and friends. You can enjoy fishing, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing all while soaking up breathtaking views from this stunning locale. But most importantly, you can have a wedding. And that's what we did.

Take Away: Every wedding I try to come up with some idea that I would steal for my own wedding. This might be the type of cake or programs or something of that nature. And the winner is: Brendan & Michelle. Yes, I know they are people, but as people, friends, drinkers and cheerleaders these two are great. It's really the last part that makes this pick so special to me. From the moment I handed them the engagement photos to the moment I spent in their living room last Wednesday night looking thru every single photo on their 50in TV (Um, way better than anything I have) they have had nothing but a ball of praise for me and my work. If the two of them opened an ad agency I would hire them in a second. What I like best about this enthusiasm was, and I might be speculating here, is that Brendan wasn't too concerned with the photography at first. In fact, he may have been luke warm with the whole concept---understandable, we had only met once before at some DC Tri Club event I think. But when you go over to someone's house and they keep wanting to show you photos they took on the honeymoon incorporating tips and tricks they've learned by looking at your work...well, that is great. Brendan and Michelle are human sound boards in which they sing to the hill tops of your praise. So, if you're listening Brendan & Michelle, and I know that you are, THANK YOU. You are the model client. You have made this experience wonderful. Thank you for inviting me into your home, inviting to your wedding and most importantly, inviting me into your life together.

Without further ado, Mr and Mrs. Anderson.
Having never met the florist, I think Michelle did a wonderful job choosing
No, I didn't stage this. They were already there.
Love it!
The view, the lake, the property all made for a wonderful weekend.  Hooray for Crimora!

So I was riding around on Sunday with the golf cart checking out the property when I came across this fella.

Nighttime at Crimora.


Finally, I always do a slideshow. But I've become accustomed to my large iMac 27in screen in my office, so it's a little disappointing to see the slideshow condensed to fit this format.  So.......I've put the blog on my website and you can see it much larger. Thanks.

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  1. Oh that turtle cracks me up! Job well DONE Mr. Pierson.