Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Travis & Katie:::MARRIED!!!

A whirlwind of a weekend.  That's what best describes this weekend.  Actually, a better description would be "a whirlwind of a week." Washington, DC to Ithaca, NY to Philadelphia, PA to San Juan, PR to Philadelphia, PA and back home to Washington, DC.

Hours of travel - 34
Mileage - I have know idea
Weddings - 2
Pints of Chocolate Milk drank while traveling - 4 (for some reason I love chocolate milk and car rides...weird).
Times I played the ROCKY soundtrack to keep me awake - 1.75
Laptops and hard drives that were stolen while traveling - 2

A whirlwind to say the least and it all begins with the wedding of Travis and Katie.  Travis and Katie are just like Michelle and Brendan - members of the DC Tri Club.  That's how we met, but now that I think about it, I can't remember exactly when we met.  Travis and I have been training partners for some time now, but how that all's tough to say.  I do know I've helped them move into their new home, Travis helped me move into mine, and he's even accompanied me on the last 20 miles of a 50 mile race I ran last year.  So, you put that all together, I guess it just makes sense that I would photograph their wedding.  

But where to have the wedding?  Annapolis? DC? NY? Well, after what sounded like an eternal search for the right venue - Ithaca, NY was the choice and it couldn't have been a better choice.  You must understand, when a member of the Capitol Hill DC Tri Club clan has a wedding, it's not just a day, but an adventure.  People will bike, people will swim and people will run.  It's a training weekend with a wedding thrown in the middle.  And Ithaca provided one heck of a landscape.  You may all know the slogan: "Ithaca is Gorges." is.  And I'm not sure if Travis made a deal with someone, but the weather was AMAZING!  Add a few relatives from miles away and an extremely cool venue and you have the makings of a fantastic weekend.  Plus, the John Joseph Inn provided the perfect backdrop.  John & Elizabeth were extremely helpful in every facet of the day understanding exactly what needed to be done to make a perfect day happen.  Not to mention, John was instrumental in getting the picture in the sunflower field.  Thank you John!

What made the wedding great was that is was a weekend.  It wasn't a wedding day, but a wedding weekend.  Memories won't be contained to just one single event but from several events throughout the 3 days everyone was up there.  (OK, I was only up there for 2) But nonetheless, this approach to the wedding provides an ease which most weddings don't have.  So if you're in the market to be married and looking for a place, I highly recommend Ithaca and the Hamilton Farm at the John Joseph Inn & Elizabeth Restaurant.

Take Away: Every wedding I try to come up with some idea that I would steal for my own wedding.  This might be the type of cake or programs or something of that nature. And the winner is: The day of the wedding morning run followed by bagels and coffee.  For me, being a runner first (who loves hills) and a photographer second this was such an awesome morning.  We didn't go out too hard, but the terrain provided all the difficulty we needed.  I was in oxygen debt immediately, but with a mid-run respite at one of the gorges and a later pit stop at the local farmer's market, this run wasn't just social in nature but a wonderful introduction into what Ithaca has to offer.  I would definitely come back and visit and the morning run should be a staple in all weddings. Good call Travis!

Ladies and Gentleman, Travis and Katie.

Sunflower field behind the John Joseph Inn
Yes, those are Travis and Katie's initials. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen at a wedding.  Love Travis' Mom.

The Inn provided amazing natural light all day long. Loved it.

The Inn just after sunset.  Stunning place to spend the weekend.

Finally, the slideshow.

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