Friday, September 17, 2010

Diana & Jimmy:::MARRIED!!!

The second part of the whirlwind weekend took place in Old San Juan, PR at Diana & Jimmy's wedding (see Travis & Katie's Wedding for Part 1). Diana and I met back in December of last year when I was photographing Jen & Vikkal's wedding up in New Jersey at Liberty State Park.  Diana & Jen have known each other for years and after playing the supporting role of maid of honor in Jen's wedding we began to talk of her up coming wedding in...PUERTO RICO!!!  Um...yes, please.  Actually it was perfect.  My familiarity with Puerto Rico and Old San Juan thru La Vuelta, a 3 day 375 mile bike ride around the island, is what excited me most about this wedding.  A ceremony on top of El Morro, a reception at the infamous Hotel El Convento downtown and a backdrop the likes that is unrivaled in many respects made this the highlight of my wedding season.  Plus, we'll be in Puerto Rico, the home of the best frozen mojito I've ever had at the Parrot Club downtown. (My 2nd shooter, Sarah also thought the same thing).

So I sent Sarah down to San Juan the night before to ensure one of us would be there the day of considering I was flying in that morning from Philadelphia...and it was a picture perfect day.  The clouds were great, ambient even better, it may have been a little humid, but no problem.  What we didn't count on was the Arts Festival happening on the grounds of El Morro.  Fine for us, but NOT OK for the guys trying to get to the wedding.  Arts Festival=Traffic. Traffic=No Guys.  YET...No Guys=Extra Time with the Girls walking around downtown.  And that's what we did.  AMAZING!!!  I've never been more excited and happy to get the shots we did when the shit was hitting the fan, plus we still got great shots at the Fort.  Doubly Good. :-)

 Sarah & I were so lucky to be there.  Thank you so much Diana & Jimmy for being such great people.  Your love was infectious all evening long, despite a few hiccups along the way.  (And Jimmy, best vows ever my man!) Congrats!

Take Away: Every wedding I try to come up with some idea that I would steal for my own wedding.  This might be the type of cake or programs or something of that nature. And the winner is: The day of the wedding morning run followed by bagels and coffee.  This is going to be an odd one, but I think I'm going to have to avoid the obvious call of the reception, even though it was the best sangria EVER! The winner is: Diana's Dad.  This guy cracked me up all evening long.  It was a party and he knew it, and he wanted you to know it as well.  Diana, honestly, I felt as if you have James Bond's Dad as your father.  And his choice of style that night was fantastic.  So, to Mr. Liscinski, Diana and Jimmy--wonderful, wonderful day.  I wish you all the best.  xoxo

And here we are altogether! YAY!

Finally, the slideshow.

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  1. I love this wedding, the photos are amazing!! I am also considering a puerto rico wedding at el morro and el convento hotel. Do you have any contact info for this bride, I would love to send her an email with some ?'s if she wouldn't mind! Thank you so much, Liz

  2. Hey Liz,

    If you get this, please email me:

    This is my old blog, so I don't check it anymore. Sorry to just see this now.