Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ye Olde Wine

What happens when you have all of this wine that needs to be distributed and no pictures of the wine bottles for your website? You have your Sales guy (Steuart Martens) call Kip Pierson Photography. Stu and I have known each other a little over a year now through the DC Triathlon Club and though he'll never boast about it Steuart is one of if not the fastest swimmer I know. "Sure" you say, we all know some "fast" swimmers. No...this guy is fast...really. A former University of Purdue swimmer, this past summer Stu set a world record for the fastest swim across the San Francisco Bay. A world record! Now that's fast!

Well, needless to say, Stu is faster than me in the pool and for that he probably took pity on me and called me up to see if I could help. And though I've done ZERO product photography I was willing to explore to realm of possibilities.

Formed in summer of 2008, Tradewinds Specialty Imports, LLC (“Tradewinds”) came to life based on their founders’ passion for Spanish wine and food, and the burning desire to share such rich and rare specialty items with US restaurant goers and wine enthusiasts.

Through a partnership with their Spanish exporter, they provide a portfolio of Spanish products with an optimal blend of quality and value. This is achieved by visiting many vineyards and manufacturing facilities across Spain to develop an intimate knowledge of the owners, workers and production process. And now they have a website!!! So go check it out. They've got some great products. Also, look to see when there next wine tasting is...knowing Stu, it should be fun.

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