Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alexander the Content

My first reaction when Alex called was, "Your last name's Content? That's AWESOME!" Alex found me through his friend Praem who got his headshots a few months ago, and though Alex isn't an actor, he needed a headshot nonetheless. You see, Alex is singer. Not a singer that you'll see in a musical and certainly not the kind of singer you'd see in XMAS Carol (i.e. Me) - a real honest to God trained singer. Now for those of us, myself included, who don't know what that means, here's the skinny...he's good, apparently damn good. So why does he need a headshot then? Apparently, there's a competition coming up at the end of January in Annapolis and if he qualifies and passes the first couple of rounds, his chances of making the finals in NY greatly increases. So, he needs a headshot for the competition. Oh - I almost forgot, whoever makes it to NY, gets a week of personal voice coaching at the Metropolitan Opera...SWEET! Needless to say I wish him well. It was great being able to talk about music, relaxation techniques for both singers and actors and the overall world of being an artist. Best of Luck Alex!

The Traditional Look.

The Traditional Look with some Attitude.

A look that says I've done something mischievous?

Much different look with the hair down.

The sun finally went down so we could do a little outdoor work.

As Always, Clowns.

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