Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jen "OH MY GOD I'm a jerk" Crooks

That was the opening line of an email I received recently. The Sender? Jennifer Crooks. WHY? Because after taking her headshots way back in March, it wasn't until the end of August that she finally got back to me with her picks. "These last several months my head has been bouncing around like a volleyball at the olympics. Okay, so I thought I sent this a while ago and realized I just had a draft of it but never sent it. Punch me in the face would ya?!" Well, I won't punch the face that is, but I may have a need to release some aggression if this election doesn't end soon. Nonetheless, here's Jen's headshots. The last actually does look like I punched her. :)

Jen wore these scarfs that day and I thought, what the heck - let's try it.

This was my favorite scarf shot.

But this was my favorite overall. Love this shot of Jen.

The many faces of Jen.

Now what is she talking about here?
(Just think naughty.)

But I can't quite explain this one.

Doing her scarf dance...I think.

This would be Jen egging me on to punch her.

And if I did punch her, it might look like this. :)

1 comment:

  1. wowsah...

    nice write-up, now everyone knows what a spasoid I am;-) and thanks for the cd I got it in the mail in record time. I've been out sick the last couple of days and catching up on emails.

    hope to run into you soon (other than just on facebook)...anyone who can get me to take a decent picture without scrunching up my face at the last second has some real talent.