Thursday, October 2, 2008

KC & the Sunshine State?

For those of us who've traveled to Pennsylvania may already know that it is not the "Sunshine State." It probably wouldn't even be considered the "Partly Sunny State." And it may be better known to most as the "This Is Depressing as Hell State." In any case, Pennsylvania has become home to my latest and returning headshot client, KC Wright, who is in her final year at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Theatre degree. And for those who saw me in Matt August's Christmas Carol over at Ford's Theatre will remember KC as the loveable factory working Martha Cratchitt back in 2004. Well, during rehearsal and into the run of the show, KC began her search for her next adventure: college. With a love of theatre and a professional show under her belt, all she needed now was a few monologues and a smokin' headshot. She found the monologues, but as for the headshot, not so much. She came to some guy in the cast and asked him if he could take her headshot...why not. Now I look back on that session and notice how far my photography has come in only a few short years. It's 4 years later and now she needs a new headshot for her upcoming showcase. So, I was curious to see how KC had changed...or stayed the same. In either case, it would be great to hang out again and catch up. Good Luck KC!

You can always tell when someone begins to grow up, their fashion sense usually improves dramatically. I love this jacket of hers.

Another aspect of becoming more mature...the makeup. Though my makeup artist Jjana Valentiner did a great job, it's another sure fire sign of adulthood.

She definitely could not have been able to pull this look off 4 years ago.

Check out the difference in 4 years - the very fact that we do headshots in color now is telling.

Cute, cute, cute.

A little less cute, with a splash of KC sassiness.

This is how she looks when you make fun of her.

More cute.

Clowning around, take 2.
As you all may know by know, I always have a little clowning around during the shoot--and KC didn't forget that fact.)


  1. Thanks Kip! These all look so great...making me SLIGHTLY less nervous to go out there in the big scary world :)

    It's so funny looking at my old picture next to these new ones and thinking about how much has changed since then! It's actually quite appropriate that headshots have gone from B&W to color- it's like I've reached OZ!!

  2. Hey Kip!
    How's it going? Just wanted to let you know that the CMU Showcase sight is up, complete with your beautiful pics! Check it out:
    I can't believe I'm almost done. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!
    Hope you're well :)