Friday, September 26, 2008

Climate Ride 2008 - Recap

Dear Climate Ride Riders, Staff and Sponsors,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I truly did not know what to expect on this ride. A few nice photos, yes. A couple of sleepless nights, sure. Did I expect to make friends, maybe. But did I count on being in awe of each and everyone of you for the commitment and love you have for each other and the environment, no. These past few days I have done nothing but catch up on errands, old projects (too many to count--especially the wedding albums I need to finish) and of course sleep, but every time I begin to edit your photos I continue to live in the glory that is Brita Climate Ride 2008. And I wanted to let you all know that I've already asked Caeli & Geraldine if I could come back next year.

So don't be a stranger, find me on Facebook, visit my blog, and feel free to leave some comments on your pictures here. If we don't see each other soon, I have no doubt we'll see each other again: maybe on top of some hill with me taking your picture and you cursing me under your breath (or aloud for those who felt so inclined--lol). So a toast - to Climate Ride 2008. I look forward to joining you all next year--this time with a camera and a bike.



P.S. As a little treat/teaser, below you'll find a little slideshow from the ride. Feel free to e-mail it to friends and family.

And a special shout out to everyone behind the scenes and a few of my favorite cohorts in this expedition:

Gregg Bleakney - Photographer
The Crew at GoodFocus - Documentary/filming crew
The Lovely Ladies of Brita - Who kept us all hydrated.
Backroads - Who kept us all on time, relatively speaking
Trees on Fire - For rocking us out @ Georgetown...sorry if we seemed tired (but you still rocked)
Printing Responsibly - I didn't know there was such a great alternative and I will definitely be using you guys for my business.

Thanks guys, they couldn't have done it without you.

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there within me lay an invincible summer.”
- Albert Camus


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  2. wow. this is great Kip. could you slow it down a bit in some brain can't process that quickly.
    thanks for all your hard work and getting this up so quickly (rather than showing a friend around town and all)!!!!

  3. The photo show is great. thanks for the effort. The great shots help to preserve the fun and excitement of a fantastic ride.

  4. Wow. I am was just so inspired by your slideshow that I just HAD to leave a comment. Wow.

    ;oP Sass.

    But really, the shots are incredible -- I was showing friends your stuff on Facebook the other day. :o)

  5. Yo Kip.

    Just got a chance to check this out - great stuff!

    Good to meet you up in Boston and congrats again on a great race.