Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Climate Ride 2008 - Day 4 - Holtwood, PA to Baltimore, MD

Last night was amazing, Zip Lines, Cycling, Beer and good conversation plus and hell of a lot of T-Shirts. (check out the T-shirts post). And now we're off for probably the toughest day of the ride. Not because of the distance and not because of the hills, but it's a combination of the two, plus the whole peloton is extremely tired. They're getting stronger, but have had less sleep over the past few days than they are used to. And today, many got up long before we took off to partake in the live news feed to promote the ride. Needless to say, it was an exciting start to a long day.

Early morning call.

Leaving St. Andrews Bible Camp

The Tofurky Tatoo. HOT!

Construction on the Bridge.

One of our fearless leaders: Caeli Quinn.

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