Sunday, September 21, 2008

Climate Ride 2008 - Day 2 - Princeton, NJ to Valley Forge, PA

Why Day 2 you ask? Well, that all begins with the one-man show I'm doing over at Ford's Theatre called History of Foot. And since we haven't been able to secure an understudy yet...the show must go on--which means I go on. But that's not a problem, in fact it's a little gift because that allowed me to say yes to Mary Kate when she called me to 2nd shot a wedding on Saturday. Do a show, 2nd shoot for a wedding and document Climate Ride? Um...yes, please! Problem was I had no idea how to get to Princeton in time (Sunday morning) without driving myself up there. All the buses and trains would either get me in too late or go no where near Princeton. I hadn't even begun the ride and already I was being converted into a mass transit evangelist. No wonder we have problems with our environment! And now, I have to drive up to Princeton. Good for convenience, but horrible for the earth. Already, I'm way in the hole on living up to what this ride should be about.

So with the show and wedding out of the way (be sure to check out Steve and Brienne's photos when I get them posted) I head home, pack a few things and realize if I leave now I'll get in around...Oh...3:30am. GREAT! And for a moment I almost throw in the towel. I was too tired to make the drive. But I did make it with a little help from my black cherry flavored ClifShots (caffienated of course) and strolled into the YMCA parking lot in Princeton. Before me stood a sea of tents. Climate riders resting for Day 2. It was too late to pull out the tent (I had to be up in 2:30 hours) so I pulled down the seat and rested my eyes. When I opened them, this is what I saw...

A Sea of Tents

No paper plates here.

How does one keep fueled? Well, this is one way.

And no disposable cups either.

125 riders = 125 bikes
Brita and Clif Bar - unbelievable sponsors!

Crossing the Delaware River

Gregg Bleakney: A Fellow Photographer and Companion all week.
(great photographer--check out his work)

The crew from Good Focus
(a sustainable production company)

Blake working hard to decal the media car.
(i.e. my car with colored marker on it)

Every Night the riders had Guest Speakers about the Environment.

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