Friday, September 19, 2008

Brita Climate Ride 2008

After a long summer of training (Ironman Wisconsin and Race Across America) I was looking forward to having some down time before the fall marathon season kicked up. Emphasis on the "was." A few weeks after we finished RAAM, Patrick received an email from someone at Climate Ride. And to this date I'm not really sure who it was that contacted us, but the jist was: 5days, 300+ miles, and 1cause...mother earth. Apparently someone who knew someone heard about Xtreme4's pledge to be carbon neutral and put two and two together---if they were so revved up for the environment and RAAM, perhaps they would want to join Climate Ride.

Well, after months of planning and asking for tons of donations---not to mention we were all very tired, we were flattered at the invitation but couldn't foresee any of our bosses giving us more time off of work. Well, except maybe for me. And since I would be just finishing IMWI, maybe I could show my support and photograph the ride instead. Well, that one little thought has now turned into what I would consider one of the most wonderful and exciting weeks of my life.

After several phone calls and numerous e-mails with one of the founders and directors, Caeli Quinn, Climate Ride gave me the green light to document the entire ride. A whole 5 days of nothing but shooting, shooting and more shooting...with some pesky hours of editing...sleeping (little) and then even more shooting.

Needless to say, I'm excited and I hope the next few entries in this blog will inspire you to do whatever you can for the environment. Here's to Mother Earth, the future and to every rider whatever their ability maybe on this epic ride.

Ride on Riders!

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