Monday, September 22, 2008

Climate Ride 2008 - Day 3 - Valley Forge, PA to Holtwood, PA

Yesterday was something else, but more importantly it was a learning experience. How do you capture 125 riders over the course of an entire day, tell their story and attempt to have the surroundings be topical and present in the photos? Gregg and I did OK on Day 2, but without a mass start in the morning (all riders leave whenever they are ready) it provides an additional obstacle to hurdle. First things first, you get up early and get to work early.

Marc Ledoux: Master Mechanic
(he knows a little about getting up early: 125 bikes - wow!)

Valley Forge Foundation, PA

Marc looks good in every picture I take of him.

Save the Polar Ice Caps...Save the Polar Bears!

Beautiful Mennonite Country

But very hilly.

Trasher Picker Upper
(each rider who biked with the globe picked up trash all along the way and put it in the back)

I waited all day for this shot.

A Bike Friday Bike: Fits in a suitcase!
(check them out!)

On top of another hill - the riders hated when I did this. "Why can't you get me on a downhill?"
(Because you're going to fast and I'll only get one shot - plus, you just look cooler.)

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