Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lauren & Steve : MARRIED!

Today...well, let's get this straight...This morning Kim and I met again for the second time this weekend at the lovely Woodend Mansion in Chevy Chase, MD for Lauren and Steve's Wedding. And for several reasons I was glad to wake up quite early after a long and exciting evening at Brian & Katie's wedding to be Kim's 2nd shooter.

Huge Applause goes out to the Awesome Vendors on this one:

***Danielle Couick and her crew Windows Catering crew rocked! The brunch spread looked simply amazing. (Did I mention she was doing the next wedding right after this about busy!)
***Jacqueline Ducci, coordinator - The Perfect Event
***Rev. Bill Cochran, Wedding Officiant - Say "I DO" Your Way

My favorite picture of the weekend.

Lauren's son & Steve's daughter - They were beyond cute.

The color palette for this wedding was a perfect arrangement of fall colors. Absolutely gorgeous!

Needless to say, Lauren's son was a little excited.

Best cake ever! Cheese cake, chocolate and sour cream filling. 3 options in 1.

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