Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Chase

There are moments when you photographing something that you think: "Wow - This is why I do this." And then there are times when you're looking thru the photos the next week looking for a couple to blog about when you realize, "I'm glad I was a part of this. I'm glad I'm able to give Eric & Christal a momento of their child's life that they will always have and remember. I'm glad to be a part of the growth of this new family and it simply overwhelms me." It may sound sappy, and it is, but as I post these pictures on my blog and on Facebook I've realized I'm a happier person when I'm working---and suprisingly to me, I come to really enjoy taking photos of newborns.

I'm just super grateful that Eric & Christal emailed me after seeing Baby Sedona's pictures. If you remember Sedona, you'll remember her father Dave Mills--the crew chief of Xtreme4. Well, Eric was one of our world record setting riders for that team and he's now a proud father to Chase Addison Elena Goetz born on June 25, 2009 with his lovely wife Christal Goetz.

This session was a unique one since Chase isn't really a new born anymore nor is she a toddler. Plus, she wasn't quite cooperating with us. So, we improvised. We got the shots we could (which I love) and then set up an additional session late on Monday night once Chase fell asleep. It worked. And I'm now proud to present, Miss Chase Addison Elena Goetz.

Chase Addison Elena Goetz born June 25, 2009

Cancer is her sign and Water is her element. Water indeed...she peed all over the place both sessions. It was hilarious. It just kept coming!

Eric and Christal refer to Chase's hair as her "Rooster Hair" It just doesn't want to go down.
Nap time.

Ol' Blue Eyes

She really is sweet as can be.

"Ok, I'll give you my sexy pose."

"What? I thought you wanted sexy."

Eric says she loves to watch cycling. Maybe a future star.

The Goetz Family


"This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home..."

"And I'm the little piggy that just went wee-wee-wee all over your table!" hehehe

Urination is fun!

It's amazing how tiny they are.

"I'm a quiet little baby."

"Now let me sleep!"


And her arch nemesis-- ONE-EYED SUPERWOMAN!

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