Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Sedona

Meet Sedona. A bundle of joy, a cute little girl and the most excited and intense "SMILE" face I've ever seen. Last Sunday the Laura and Dave came by with Sedona for her close-up and was she ever ready (take a look at the outtakes). You might remember Dave from RAAM 2008 as he played the role of Crew Chief extremely well. The guy in all the pictures riding shotgun was Dave...he was also the guy that never slept for 6 days. Dave's also the magic behind the "Kip Pierson Photography" logo you see at the bottom of every picture. If you ever need any help in the graphic design world, you need to contact Dave---he's simply amazing and brilliant!

And Laura is this uber awesome triathlete who's now a mom training for her first 1/2 marathon since giving birth. Woo-hoo! (sidenote: you put on like zero wait when she was pregnant...CRAZY!)

Anyway, enough about Dave and Laura and more about Sedona. I give you Sedona. Enjoy!

Notice the excited "smile." This will become a running theme throughout the shoot.

Peek a Boo!

"This is Sooooo Comfy!"

Sedona's Godzilla impersonation.

And this is her impersonation of Godzilla's first victim.

"I definitely need a 5 minute break."

"Ok, I'm back"

"How's this for sexy?"

"I can also play innocent."

"WHAT! I know what I'm doing Mom! I'm a professional. WHAT? Just let me do my thing!
You think YOU can do better? HA!"

"Come on, bring it. Bring it! I said BRING IT!!! God Damn it. I'm in the zone, TAKE the picture! BRING IT!!!"

"Oh, you want attitude? You want edgy? No problem."

Just another normal day in the life of Sedona. :-)

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  1. Hey Kip,

    Shots look great. We are pimpin your shit all over town. Postcards???? good idea.

    Can we arrange a time to pick up a disc copy of the session?


  2. Laura Edwards MillsSeptember 9, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    These are absolutely hysterical. What is up with Sedona’s “smile”? You did amazing work! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  3. Just fwd' your site to a friend and revisited your pix of Sedona. What a beautiful girl she is. You did a great job capturing her in that moment. Thanks again.