Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brita Climate RIde 2009 - Day 2 (Princeton, NJ to Valley Forge)

Day 2 (60 miles): Today brings more rural farming country and an insider’s view into New Jersey’s prolific growing season. We depart from Princeton and continue along quiet, winding roads until we reach the Delaware River, the boundary between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our last stop before crossing the river is the charming town of Lambertville. Antiques shops, restaurants, and art galleries line the historical avenues, and riverside cafes dot the Delaware River shoreline. After crossing the river, you enter Lambertville’s sister city on the Pennsylvania side, New Hope. Soon we are pedaling along Pennsylvania’s quiet roads to Doylestown, where you will have a chance to try one of the local restaurants. After a few more miles of pedaling, you reach the Schuylkill Bike Path, an eight mile cruise along the Schuylkill River to reach Valley Forge Historic State Park. A quiet road winds you through Valley Forge, where you can pedal past the beautifully preserved homes of General Washington and his troops.

Day 2 was a heroic effort by all in the early morning. After nearly a 12 hour rainfall, the riders and staff all headed out with smiles on their faces under a gloomy and rain spitting sky. Cloudy, check. Rainfall, check. Terrible opportunities for pictures, check.

I was worried. I was also excited. Last year's Climate Ride was absolutely perfect in terms of weather so a little rain so I thought maybe a little rain could provide some new challenges and different looks to Day 2's photos. Well it did. What is also caused, was a ton of flat tires. All in all, Day 2 began wet, dried up, became sunny, became wet, turned picturesque and ultimately stayed soggy for evening. But it didn't dampen the spirits of this troop and Day 2's speakers put an exclamation point on a triumphant 60 mile journey.

Sundance Channel's new star of the hit TV show THE LAZY ENTHUSIAST, Josh Dorfman.

Brothers in arms...brothers in rain gear. Two of the youngest riders in the group, age 12 and 14, are accompanied by their parents and their grandma too. Climate Ride is certainly a family affair as is the environment itself.

The postcard will become a big theme throughout the ride for me.

"I've got the power!"

Riding in Style!

"Um...does anyone have any soap? I seem to have gotten a smidge of grease on my hands."

The Cincinnati Bengals "JUNGLE TOWEL" coming to the rescue of a little water spraying her backside.

Our nurses hard at work on our staff member Gabe.

This year Climate Ride happened one week later and I certainly saw the difference in the trees, weather and certainly the front lawn decorations. Happy Early Halloween!

No, the police were not for us.

Best shot of the day!

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  1. Dude! Incredible pics. Great job. You must be having a blast.

  2. Great Photos!