Friday, September 25, 2009

Brita Climate Ride 2009

How far would you pedal for a new energy future? It's amazing to think that it's already been year since I was last with the courageous and inspiring group that is the Brita Climate Ride.

So what is CLIMATE RIDE you ask?

A fully supported, 5-day fundraising bike ride from New York City to Washington DC, September 26 - 30, 2009 starts tomorrow. It's the ride of a lifetime through some of the East Coast's most beautiful countryside. The youngest rider on Climate Ride is an 8th grader from Seattle and the oldest rider is an 82-year-old woman from NYC who has been a bike commuter for 50 years. Are you kidding me? Along with them will be some two hundred other cyclists for great food, world class biking, and the chance to meet and network with leaders in climate change, renewable energy and environmental causes as they make their way to historic Washington, DC!

Climate change is a serious issue and we need a wake up call--changing our lifestyles to include more biking and less oil-induced gluttony is not the end of the world! And that is what Climate Ride is trying to do. Turn off the oil I.V. drip, ditch your car and join us for a week of pedal power! If you can't drop everything at the last second, and I'm sure that is most of you, why not do your part to help out the environment while you live thru vicariously thru these hard working, fundraising cyclists and continue to check out the blog for updates throughout the week.

If you're not inspired yet, here are some of the people who will be riding with us this year:

  • Colin Beavan aka NO IMPACT MAN - hugely popular blogger, big film coming out this year that will be previewed on Climate Ride
  • Friis Arne Petersen - Denmark's Ambassador to the US, host of the COP15 UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen Dec. 2009
  • Alison Gannett - Founder Save Our Snow Foundation, voted Outside Magazine's '08 Green All-Stars, US Champ Freeskier
  • Mike Tidwell - inspiring activist, writer and documentary filmmaker, President Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and his own home is fueled almost entirely by wind, solar and corn power
  • Bracken Hendricks - transition team of President Barack Obama, an architect of clean-energy portions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; special assistant to the Office of Vice President Al Gore, fellow at Center for American Progress; founding executive director of the Apollo Alliance
  • Wood Turner - the one climate scorekeeper you need to know, Executive Director Climate Counts

So join us this year in whatever way you can.

Ride on Riders!

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