Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are events and there are races, and then there are epic rides. One day, one ride, 200 miles. Now in its 5th year, Total 200 has grown each year attracting some of the craziest and most thrill seeking cyclists in the Metropolitan DC area. Starting at dawn and not ending 'til dusk (there's a few exceptions here), 59 cyclists left Capitol Hill early July 11th, 2009 traveling 100 miles down to the southern tip of Maryland (Point Lookout Park), had lunch, and turned right back around and came home. Compared to years past, the weather was perfect. With a rider finisher rate of 85% it was one of our highest percentages to date and we now boast an alumni base of over 90 riders who have completed the journey in our first 5 years. And next year will once again be our biggest year yet: we're looking to make it even bigger and better. Our one and only tip: STARTING TRAINING NOW.

On a serious note, we are super excited to announce that we were able to donate almost $3,000 to our charity: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Save the Bay Foundation).

Thanks to all who helped out this year: You made a difference.

The Whole Gang @ the Starting Line (Anacostia Park)

The beauty of Southern Maryland

He and his son finish the whole ride. Amazing!

Who doesn't like bike jerseys?

Ah, the infamous bridge. Oddly enough, there's a fence at the beginning on both sides but once you're on top, there's nothing! Doesn't that seem backwards?

The coveted TOTAL 200 jersey

Almost there. Only 100 more miles to go.

As the day rolls on, ice cream and slurpies are a necessity. Thanks 7-11!

Eric Goetz, founder and rider of Total 200.

I don't know...I just don't know. Patrick is an odd one. I guess this is what happens when you do 200 miles in one day.

Then this happens. Zzzzzzzzz.....


Every rider knows the inevitable rule: You will fall at some point for no good reason. Well, this was Joe's day. Unfortunately for him, it happened in front of all of us. Fortunately for us, he fell with everyone watching. :-)

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