Thursday, January 15, 2009

Briel "NO, I'm not the pornstar" Banks

It's not often you meet a beautiful young actress...well, maybe if you live in Los Angeles. And it's not often when you meet an attractive, young actress who's a pornstar...well, maybe in Los Angeles. But it's certainly not often when you meet a beautiful, young actress who has the same name as a pornstar...well, maybe not in Los Angeles, but in Washington, DC? Yes.

Meet Briel Banks, formerly Briana Banks. Briel and I met 5 years ago when we got a chance to work together in Ford's Theatre's new production of A Christmas Carol directed by Matt August. As you might guess Briel played Belle while I played the lowly, yet intrinsically important to the story line, Mr. Topper. Years later, our director would tell me that when he realized "Briana Banks" was in the show he wasn't really sure whether she was the "Brianna Banks" or not. He would say, "Maybe, she's retired from the business and is now legitimately acting? She has blond hair, but you can never tell, especially when they don't have all the makeup on and are actually wearing clothes." He would deduce soon enough that Briana was not the pornstar, but it made for hilarious conversation during our photoshoot yesterday. :)

Well, years later Brianna is now Briel, and doing extremely well for herself in the DC Theatre scene. Next up for Briel: She will be playing Laura in Olney Theatre's production of The Glass Menagerie June 3rd to July 5th of this year.

You can see why she's going to play Laura.

It's very easy to take pictures of someone who is naturally beautiful.

She may look like Briana Banks, but I think she looks alot like Michelle Pfeiffer.

Good old outtakes.
(Click on me to enlarge.)

One of my favorite clown shots yet.

I like to call this her Mr. Toad face.:)

Here's an old headshot that supported the "Briana Banks" myth. Apparently, if you put this headshot next to the other Briana Banks, the similarities are striking.

For more photos: click here.


  1. Briel looks lovely, great shots bro!

  2. Just my luck, that the nude model whose real name is Briana Bany would choose my real name as her porn name! Just my luck. You wouldn't believe how many guys say, "Wow, were you named after her?!" NOOO. It's not her real name!I'm older than she is! And I don't want to know what you want to do to her! Alright?! Dang.

  3. Beautiful..Absolutely beautiful...

  4. Bri! Awesome Headshots!

  5. Thanks so much Kip! The pictures are fantastic. I just got the CD in the mail yesterday. I'm already getting a whole lot of compliments from my friends :)