Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update: Ryan Fishwild for President?

Yesterday, I received a call from my sister, Lisa, informing me that my nephew Ryan would be on the 5 o'clock news. What? Apparently, FOX 2 News came to his Montessori school yesterday to interview the kids about Tuesdays historical inauguration. In there words:

It can be tough to stay up on current events, especially if you're just 5 years old. FOX 2's Lee Thomas was curious what kids know about our new president, so he went looking for answers at the Ferndale Montessori Center.

Of course as you would suspect, Ryan didn't that much air time and was naturally disappointed even though you can see Ryan trying to get in the shot several times---but the best part was when they asked some toddlers who was the last president. When they responded with George Washington, you can hear (according to my sister) Ryan yell out BUSH! That's Ryan for you. Here's the clip: LOCAL KIDS KNOW ALL ABOUT OBAMA.

UPDATE: FOX 2 NEWS took down the video...sorry.

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