Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who is Ryan Lane Fishwild?

Well, besides being my sister's oldest child, my nephew and my brother's Godson, Ryan Lane Fishwild is by far one of the smartest 4 year-olds around. Now some may say that all family believes their children or nephews are extremely smart, but without bias, I can honestly say, Ryan is beyond smart. Already reading at a 3rd grade level at the age of 4, Ryan's ability to deduce, analysis and of course, manipulate the situation have been prevalent in each and every interaction with him. However, he's still a kid. So, I thought that if I was going to show Ryan's Bloopers/Outakes from our family portrait pictures, I might as well tell you some of these stories or quotes that prove my point. Enjoy.

Ryan's Original 5x7 to be hung up in my parent's Family Room.
What follows are the ones the didn't quite make the cut.

Ryan and Hobbes. Now I just need to draw in a picture of University of Michigan's logo that Ryan can piss on. Speaking of Michigan...story number 1:
At a young age, Ryan quickly learned the all important "GO GREEN, GO WHITE" chant that happens at MSU games. All you had to do was call out "GO GREEN" and he would respond "GO WHITE." But he also understand the in state rivalry with Michigan's Maize and Blue.
Grandpa: "GO GREEN"
Ryan: "GO WHITE" (in a little 2yr. olds voice)
Grandpa: "GO GREEN"
Ryan: "GO WHITE"
Grandpa: "GO BLUE"
Ryan: ""

When Grandma and Grandpa Pierson took Ryan to Sign of the Beefcarver (a Mid-West buffet restaurant) Ryan was looking around at the table behind them and Grandma said, "Young man, turn back around in that seat right now." To which Ryan replied, "I'm not a young man, I'm a little boy."

Every year I get Mark & Lisa a year long subscription to the Detroit Zoo. It's the perfect gift that can be used all year long and the whole family can go. Even the babysitter can take the kids to the zoo with the subscription. But one day when Grandpa and Ryan had just left the new polar bear exhibit and were off to the Penquin House, Grandpa said, "Hey, Ryan let's go in this store and Grandpa will buy you a toy."
Ryan aptly replied, "Grandpa, I have hundreds of toys."
"Well, Grandpa will buy you a T-shirt."
"Grandpa! I have hundreds of T-shirts. Let's go to the Penquin House."
Not even 3 at that point and already he understood the notion of materialism. Simply amazing.

Just this past Tuesday, one day before his Grandpa's Birthday, Grandpa took Ryan out for lunch while he was babysitting him. As they in the booth eating lunch, Ryan turned to Grandpa and said:
"Grandpa, there's a card and a bunch of brownies that Mommy made for you at home."
"Ryan, was that suppose to be a secret?"
"Uh...I was just kidding about the card and brownies."

Ryan's best Richard M. Nixon's impersonation. He may also be the only 4 yr. old who knows who Barrack Obama, John McCain and Brian Williams are. Brian Williams he knows, because after Brian Williams comes on, he gets to watch Superman.

Grammar, Reading and Writing are things that Ryan absolutely loves. For example:
Grandpa: "Look Ryan at the snow globes. They're all alike."
Ryan: "Grandpa, you mean SIMILAR."

XMAS time also brought on a family outing to the bowling alley where the whole family turned out for some bumper lane action. I won the 1st game and Dad beat my cousin Adam in the 2nd game, but the highlight came elsewhere when 4yr. old Ryan beat Adam's 20yr. old girlfriend (Priscilla)...on the same bumper lane! Later that night when Priscilla was leaving, Ryan ran up to her to say goodbye and said:
"Bye Priscilla, I'm sorry I beat you at bowling."

This past year's Halloween also brought some new memorable Ryan moments. Knowing that my MOM brought over the pumpkins that were on the back porch, Grandpa asked:
"Hey Ryan, who brought you those pumpkins?"
After thinking for a moment he pointed at Grandpa and said: "You're Pierson, right?"
Grandpa nodded yes.
"Yeah, you guys did."

Spelling is one of Ryan's favorite things to do, as well as playing with Transformers (check out the tatoo!) Well one day while Lisa (his Mom) was cleaning up the other room she noticed Ryan working hard at his play desk. He then ran up stairs and promptly returned. Once more, Ryan left the table and went upstairs only to come back down shortly after. This happened several more times until Ryan went into the kitchen and asked his perplexed mother,
"Mom...How do you spell Constantinople?"

At XMAS, Ryan asked me out of the blue to teach him how to do a somersault. With a little help from the couch pillows for added protection, Ryan learned quickly, even removing the pillows soon after. When he wanted to show everyone else what he could do, we practiced once more and put the ultimate somersault show together. And when he did a real good somersault, he said:
"Oh my gosh, I can't believe how cool I am right now!"

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  1. thanks kip for reminding me of that embarrassing moment of getting my butt beat by a 4 year old. ry is so adorable