Thursday, June 5, 2008

And God said, "Let there be light...or enough power so I can use my Macbook Pro."

AC/DC inverter--$20, Extension cord--$15, 3-socket 10-volt charger--Patrick running the numbers on his Blackberry to ensure we have ample power, PRICELESS......and also a little anal. :)

The debate was thus: Buy all this equipment at a truck stop along the way or run the genset in the RV. At almost $4.00/hr the genset can provide power to all appliances, run the AC (for the RV, not the drivers) and power up all outlets. On the other hand, it's only the three of us. Would spending that much money on the genset be worth the price? Obviously, we decided to suck it up, but later Thursday night we realized how hot the RV instantly gets when you shut it off. Ergo, we realize we're gonna need it for the race. With 8 people instead of 3, the body temperature alone will warrant the $$$ spent, plus it will all provide a little comfort in an otherwise comfortless endeavor. We're gonna give it a test run later tonight to see how efficient it is. Adios.

"The Inverter's connected to the Power Cord, the Power Cord's connected to the.."

85watts, plus 15, carry the 2...

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