Friday, June 6, 2008

"You Shall Not Pass...I Mean, Have Gas."

So I drive up to this gas station outside of El Paso, Texas around 5am because 1. I'm tired and need to switch drivers and 2. We need gas. So, I LOGICALLY go to a gas station. Boy, was I wrong. It's an older style gas station which didn't alarm me, nor did the need to "Pay First...Inside" sign, but when I walked towards the door I was greeted by this sign (see pic below). Surely, they're kidding. NOPE. I walk in and there's this woman sitting way in the back watching some old rerun I think of Greenacres and she shouts, "NO GAS!" What? "NO GAS! We haven't had any gas for awhile now." What? "But, you're a gas station, right?" "Yeah, but it's new management and they haven't got the permits--but soon." "Oh, OK." And that was that.

I should also mention I used the urinal---the ice filled urinal---because it didn't have any running water. Ingenious, yes---Disgusting, certainly---Humorous, without a doubt.

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  1. hahahha ice filled urinals might be one of the most ingenious, bodunk, inventions I have ever heard of. Props. lmao. :oP