Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So It Begins

With the weather drizzly and only going to get worse, the "Fellowship of the RV" set out on a long and arduous task---Attempt to navigate their recreational steed across the country or die trying. Sure to suffer from bouts of delirium, stir-craziness and the most deadly--poor hygiene, the Dwarf (Julie), the Imp (Kip) are lead by their trusty Cycling Human (Patrick). The road will be long and they will surely encounter foes along the way (State police, unyielding cashiers, construction zones, the border patrol and even the occasional tumbleweed---but under the guise of Xtreme4 advertising, their incomparable tracking ability combined with the Dwarf's uncanny knack to locate a Cracker Barrel within a days ride, the journey will be hard but conquerable. I only hope I live to tell the tale.

Crazy Thunderstorms as we left Washington, DC.

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